Rockstar Team

Upcoming Engineer team includes young, energetic, and always supercharged engineers driven by the mission laid out by the able leadership team. Our team’s ability to works relentlessly to deliver world-class platform and ensure high-quality information our visitors makes it a real KOOL team.

Vikash Kumar, Founder & Chief Everything Officer


Vikash is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator with creative thinking capacity. He is a multi-faceted personality, Student, Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Mentor, Motivator, and A Human Being.

He can be reached on Facebook here.

Irfan Ali, Design Wizard & Head of Fire Fighting


Irfan is an entrepreneur bird soon to be out of the college, who looks at new avenues for growth. He brings his prior experience of working with start-ups. He is an excellent achiever in the field of Technology. He loves what he does and does what he loves and that’s what we love him for.

Subhas Sharma, Technology Alladin

Kool guy, headed with 24*7 never-ending works. Regularly break design you helped create. Draws up design constantly better than before.

Abhishek Kumar, The Gambler


  • Naughtiness is not in nature but in every part of his body, silently our resident “ Mr Monkey business” and puts equally his effort in success.




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