Soon you will intensify your search for engineering related information and in the process are likely to stumble upon an Internship/Opportunities that may not be relevant for you (say, a Civil Engg. student stumbling upon a Computer Science internship), don’t let that discovery go waste and get rewarded for your efforts.

Share any such internship/Opportunities with Upcoming Engineer (Form below) and we’d reward you with Paytm money worth ranging from Rs. 40 to Rs. 100 !!  What more, if you share 3 or more such links, you would win a cool Limited Edition Upcoming Engineer T-Shirts.

Those who are not looking for internships this year but are aware of such internship/Opportunities from their previous experiences can also participate and win the prizes.

This is our chance to build a Wikipedia of Internships/Opportunities, Join us !! Read more to know the details…


1. Are you guys serious? You would reward me for my own internship/Opportunities hunt?


2. So how does it work? What do I need to do?

Whenever you stumble upon a meaningful internship link (be it corporate, academic, start up , NGO, or Government) share the link of the internship with us using the form below (if the form below does not load for some reason). If the Internships/Opportunities gets selected for publication on Upcoming Engineer, we would reward you with Paytm money worth Rs. 40-100 for each link. If you share 3 or more such links which get published, you would win a cool limited edition Upcoming Engineer T-Shirt. In addition, in all such published internships the credit would be given to the original contributor.

3. How do you define a meaningful internship?

If it’s an internship that you would be proud to have on your CV and would have considered applying yourself; then chances are that it’s a meaningful internships/Opportunities. If in doubt, surf around and see some of the internships posted here and you would get a feel. If still in doubt, we would suggest that you share the links and let us decide.

4. Do the internships need to be in a particular category?

No. Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. Any discipline entries to which Bachelors or Masters degree students can apply are eligible for prize money as long as they are meaningful. However, Indian students must be eligible to apply. While we prefer paid Internships/Opportunities, we are OK looking at unpaid ones too.

5. Are training programs counted as internships?

A. Training programs that need a specific amount of deposit from the student’s end are not considered as Internships/Opportunities. However, project/dissertation training for pre-final/final year students are accepted if they don’t require fee of any kind.

6. Do the Internships/Opportunities that I submit need to be from the same education stream as my study program?

A. No, you can submit Internships/Opportunities for other streams too. In-fact chances are that those i Internships/Opportunities which are not relevant to your area of study are more likely to get submitted. However, Indian students must be eligible to apply. While we prefer paid Internships/Opportunities, we are OK looking at unpaid ones too.

7. I know a few other Internships/Opportunities portals. Can I provide you with their URL? Would that count?

A. If you submit link of a particular internship posted on other portals and if that entry gets selected for publication on Upcoming Engineer, it would be counted. Submitting the link of the entire portal as it is (eg. )would not count.

8. How would I know whether an Internships/Opportunities link submitted by me has been published?

A. We would notify you over email whenever a link submitted by you is published on the portal.

9. What if more than one person submit the same link? Who gets the credit?

A. If the same Internships/Opportunities link is submitted by more than 1 person and gets published on the portal, the person who submitted it first (basis time stamp of submission) would be rewarded.

10. When would I get the prize money?

A. Prizes are awarded as soon as an internship is published and you would also receive a confirmation email regarding the same.

11. Again, are you guys serious?

A. Yes.

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